Home Theater and Stereos

Omarelectronics has home theater and stereos.

There are two types of components that can provide the hub of a home entertainment system, the Home Theater Receiver, and the Stereo Receiver.

However, although they may outwardly look very similar, they are, in fact, different. Depending on your home entertainment needs is what determines whether a home theater receiver or stereo receiver is the best option for you.

A Home Theater Receiver (which is also referred to as an AV Receiver or Surround Sound Receiver) is optimized to be the central connection and control hub for both the audio and video needs of a home theater system.

On the other hand, a Stereo Receiver is optimized to function as the control and connection hub for an audio-only listening experience.

Although both have some core features in common (after all, the home theater receiver was born out of the stereo receiver form factor), there are features on a home theater receiver that you will not find on a stereo receiver, and some features on a stereo receiver that you may not find on a home theater receiver.

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Showing 1–64 of 255 results