Computers and Accessories

Omarelectronics has various types of computers and accessories.

A personal computer, whether it is the desktop or laptop kind, exist to make your life easier and more fun. They also make it simpler to do many jobs, both the kind that pay your salary and the kind that affect your day-to-day life. laptops are favored by many people because they are portable devices that have the drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers all in one compact device. However, desktop computing has distinct advantages for home and office use and are used by many professionals, gamers, artists, families and anyone interested in a stationary high-quality computing device with various features. Enhance your desktop computer experience by making sure that you have the proper accessories, all of which are available at omarelectronics.

Keyboards and mice

It goes without saying that you cannot work on a desktop computer without those two key peripherals: the mouse and keyboard. Both keyboard and mice are available in two versions: wired and cordless. Each of the wired versions connect to the hard drive via a USB or other port while the wireless version makes the same connection without a wire, using electronic transmissions instead. The wireless versions require power from batteries while the wired versions get their power from the hard drive. All are useful with current operating systems and work with both Apple and PC computers.

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Showing 1–64 of 1135 results